February 15, 2023 @ 2:59 PM


This is NOT a picture of today!  Although it was taken on this date a couple years ago today we have nearly 70 degrees! 

I am sure those of you that regularly attend the Mid-Atlantic Quilt fest will remember the year we were all snowed in, shouldn't be a problem this year.  Please stop and visit.

This is a panel from Nothcott surrounded by drunkard's path blocks.   Whale song is one we will have on display next week.   I have a few kits made up but you will of course be able to buy the panel and fabrics individually.

Northcott has three new panels that are printed to make panels.  This is something Blue and there is also Morning Blossom and Whale Song.   We will have samples of all three at the show.

We received several sewing themed prints and panels.   This is called Atelier from Blank Quilting.

Three more panels from Northcott are a yard or larger.   FIrst is Cabin View and we have Log siding and cedar shingles to match.


Winged Glory is an extra large panel.


Safe harbor also has coordinates including the sky print that will match the Lion and Lamb panel from last year.  


Even though 'Phil' told us there would be six more weeks of winter it looks like they might be a bit mild.   Soon the flowers will be popping out all over.


Happy Quilting and I hope to see you next week in Hampton, VA.