February 11, 2022 @ 10:29 PM

Our mid-February snow storm came a little earlier this year and left us with a bit more ice and snow than in the past couple years.  These guys don't seem to mind but I sure hope it melts a bit before I have to load my truck for the Mid-Atlantic show.  The slightly warmer temps there will be appreciated.

It is time to leave this snowy landscape and head to Hampton, VA for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest--back after a one year hiatus it promises to be a great show.   There is still time to register for some classes so check out the Quilt Fest web site.   We would love to see you there.


If you spent the last year playing board games we have the perfect fabric for you to remember the good times,  Five different game prints as well as a collection of chess prints from Dan Morris and Riley Blake.


3 Wishes have extended their train collection with a spring line--Steam in the Spring-- to accompany the autumn one from last year.  There are two different configurations, a large picture and a set of four smaller blocks. 

Dan Morris also has just released a train collection with train track print, a stripe and some tossed engines.


Beth Albert also has a new panel celebrating Spring in a farm community.   A touch of Spring also has two panels, a large picture and a second set of nine blocks on a barn wood ground.

Very slowly the fabrics on order are arriving, yesterday we received The Lion and The Lamb from Northcott.  There is also a companion print of scripture on 8" square blocks.  A coordinate still needs a picture but I will be working on that, in the meantime you may be able to use this link to see it.   https://www.facebook.com/Wilsons-Calico-Corner-228777461016/photos/10158063150191017

There are a few more prints scheduled to arrive before we leave for the show, hopefully they will arrive but if not we still have a lot of new ones to choose from.

An update on the prices:  As I said last time the cotton futures were really scaring me but then I saw the last futures quote and now I am just plain terrified.  And to add insult to the price increases, shipping has gone from 25 cents to 30 cents per yard to 75 cents to a dollar per yard.  They charge by weight but we have to calculate it per yard.  I know the manufacturers have held off with price increases but they can only do that for so long and stay viable.   I just want you to know the future is looking rather expensive.   I know I have been in business since the 70's but the manufacturer's sale prices are more than my retail selling price was when I started--ok so now I feel incredibly old!!!  Supporting my habit is becoming a bit more expensive.

Keep enjoying your quilting and we can all remember that unlike food  (which seems to disappear) and cleaning (which seems to always need done) a finished project is something we can enjoy using.


Happy Quilting,