January 8, 2022 @ 12:32 AM

It isn't quite as cold as it was the morning I took this picture but it is getting there!

A really good time to stay in and sew or quilt.


Some of our new fabrics are just what the winter ordered.   A great way to spend a snowy winter day is playing Chess, if for some reason you can't make the machine hum.    Believe me no one will ever mistake me for Bobby Fisher but it is fun to move those pieces all around the board!  This group from Riley Blake is called I would Rather be Playing Chess.  Coordinate prints of this panel include a chess board and chess pieces.

Drinking a Cup of Coffee is a great way to keep you warm while watching the snow fall and playing chess.   Cafe' Culture is from Northcott.  In addition to the large panel shown here we also have some coffee 'quip' blocks, cups, and beans.

Ten years ago Northcott began their 'Stars and Stripes Stonehenge' line and this is the panel from the limited edition 10th anniversary printing.  Of course we all know all prints are limited editions--ever try to find a fabric 6 months after its release!?!?!  We also have a panel of labels and decorative blocks.

I was going to mention this group from Studio e--assuming I had introduced it in the last note but alas ...

This quilt is made from Hydrangea Garden from Studio e.   There is a large panel, as well as a six block panel, birds and hydrangeas.  The colors in it are really stunning.

Don't forget to make plans for our first show of 2022 at Hampton Roads in Virginia.  After the year off last year it should be a great show.    There is still lots of time to sign up for classes or enter a quilt.  


Now for some rather depressing news.   I am sure you all remember 3 or 4 years ago when fabric prices took a giant leap forward.   If you recall the reason given was the high price of cotton.   I started following the cotton futures price and at that time I remember it was somewhere around $93 but as I had not looked before I wasn't sure what price it was prior to the 'big leap'.   The futures dropped to the mid $70's so then I could judge just how high the previous price was.    Well...all I can tell you is be prepared as the futures are now north of $114.... Then there is shipping.  It is possible I will have to give up eating so I can 'feed my habit'! 

All this when they are making some really beautiful fabric I just have to have.

All together now, "We WILL  survive this." 

On a much happier note I did just receive 3 invoices for fabric shipments this week.   One of which is 'She Who Sews' by J Wecker Frisch.   Stop by next week to see the new arrivals.


Happy Quilting,