September 2, 2021 @ 2:44 PM

Autumn, almost my favorite time of the year--nothing really beats Winter.

Now that Ida has moved on the air is so much lighter.  We were spared the torrential downpours, hopefully you are all doing well and are not to waterlogged.  

September also gives us more quilt shows and fun places to visit.  There is still time to register for classes in Cincinnati.   Please stop by when you make it to the show.  

Another great show in Ohio is the Ohio Amish Country Quilt Fest in Mount Hope, Ohio.   This show is September 9 - 11 and there are still a few class spaces remaining.  This is a great smaller show with a lot of quilts and vendors.  Easy free parking and quite accessible. 

Dan Morris has a great collection for the budding home brewer or connoisseur.  On Tap from Quilting Treasures has beer barrels, bottles, caps, brewing equipment, and glasses.

For those giving home-brewed gifts these would make great totes for those gifts.

If beer isn't your beverage you can get ready for winter with some Hot Cocoa.   Time for Cocoa from Wilmington Prints can be used in a wall hanging, mug rugs, or pot holders.  There is also a stripe and some mugs.  More gift ideas!

There are 10 kinds of people, those that understand Binary and those that don't.   If you ask what the other 8 are you are in the 'those that don't' category.   (The picture is a little difficult to see but the black are all '0' and '1' in different sizes.)   That is ok we don't have to understand it to use the technology.  This is from the Rollicking Robots from Patrick Loose for Northcott.  We also have some colorful gears and robots.

Windham Fabrics has a line called 'One of a Kind' with some really great prints.   This is the 'Halloween Shelfie' (Ohhh no!) design.    

I have been doing some sewing when the grass doesn't need mowing.   This is a tote from the 'Flowers of the Sun' collection from Wilmington Prints.    I just folded the panel in half, squared off the corners, added some straps and lining and it is ready to go.   A really fast project.

I really like the stripe from this collection.  It would make a great border for the panel or an even better table runner.  The colors are so rich.  Also in the collection is an all over Sunflower print and a black basket weave blender

The prayer we all learned as children has been put on fabric with this colorful ombre tile border.  Perfect for a baby quilt.

Fall Splendor is this year's autumn panel from Quilting Treasures.   I have seen some really great quilt tops using last year's panel.   This can have borders, be fractured, or you cut it in half it would also make a great Autumn tote.

Finally we have 'Puppies for Sale' from Northcott.    I love the look on that Chocolate lab, please take him home he is so sad!  I do wonder how they got them all to sit in place for the 'picture'.   Maybe that is why the little guy is so sad, he wants to run and play.

I hope to see some of you at one of the Ohio shows later this month.

Now to mow the grass, hopefully the rain we did get didn't make the yellow jackets angry--those stings hurt!

Happy Quilting,