April 16, 2021 @ 1:54 PM

My stitching as of late seems to be a bit out of sync with the seasons--of course when we have all four seasons in one day ....

These three panels from J Wecker Frisch arrived last week.    Her designs are so distinctive and the name she has come up with for each character is very humorous.  While the large panel states there are 13 pairs to the game the 'card' panel actually has 16 different characters.  There are 10 blocks of the middle sized pictures on one panel.

I know the panels have nothing to do with Halloween but I can't seem to get that thought out of my mind.   Must be the orange and black and the spider web on 'card' with 'Si Spinayarn'.  


Getting Ready for Christmas and winter is 'Happy Journey' from Ruanne Manning for Benartex.   This panel has six smaller pictures in addition the large center picture.   They fit perfectly on the bottom and sides with the addition of some border pieces.   The border was coming out just as I wished until I got to the corner--how to turn the squares???   As you see I went for triangles because I couldn't get squares to do what I wanted.  The little devils!

Someday I am going to have to do something about getting all these tops quilted and finished--yeah right, that won't happen!


New from Robert Kaufman is Enchanted Jungle.  This of course is the dragonfly print.  While Robert Kaufman does a lot of great metallic enhanced prints, this one is not but the colors really pop out on the black ground.   We also have a butterfly print from this collection as well as one to be 'delivered at a later date'.     


This collection from Dan Morris for Quilting Treasures is called 'A Little Bit Handy', which describes my abilities with a hammer and saw perfectly.   This collection has , nuts and bolts, tape measures, and tossed tools.   What is missing is one with a phone--you know the tool I use when I call the designated brother and say,  "Can you fix this mess I have created?!?!?!".


Celebrating Spring is Wildflower Garden also from Quilting Treasures.  A panel with Butterfly and Flower coordinates.  Use the four rectangular blocks in the center and the flowers for cornerstones.


Who can resist Chocolate after a day of hitting your fingers with the hammer? (Can you tell I am in the middle of a house repair?)   A block of three by three chocolate pieces fits perfectly with the block party studios 'Chocolate is my Passion' panel.  I know this as I have a wall hanging started that uses the blocks and chocolate pieces--can't decide on an outside border.  When I finally do I will post it on the front page of the web site.   

For many years there has been only one or two companies printing Hanukkah prints.  This year it seems every company has a line.  This line is from Kanvas and we have three prints.   To be arriving later are prints from Quilting Treasures and Robert Kaufman.   So many I had to put in a new page of just Hanukkah prints--although I did spell it Chanukah as it fit better into the empty slot I had on my fabrics page.


Quiltfest.com will again be hosting an Online quilt show.   Spring Quilt Festival Online.  The show will be from April 28 through May 1 but I am sure the vendors mall and videos will be available for a longer time.   We will again be doing a video to be aired sometime during those four days.  Check the web sites for a schedule the day or two before the show opens.

Original Sewing and Quilt Expo has their full line of in person quilt shows this year.   The next will be in Chicago, June 3 - 5, 2021.  I believe they will be having classes as well as a quilt show and vendors.   Be sure to check their calendar for a show near you and if you get to Chicago be sure to stop and see these wall hangings in person.

Now off to finishing this annoying house repair--it would be more of a welcome adventure if it wasn't a necessary repair!!

Happy Quilting,