February 16, 2021 @ 2:48 PM

Two weeks down!  We had our obligatory St. Valentine's Day Storm--not as bad as some--like the one in the early 2000's that had the PA interstates closed for a week.  A great time to stay in and quilt.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and we recently received a print of Leonardo Da Vinci's last supper.    A blue border to bring out the robe colors and three small crosses in the corner.  


Next week would have been the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton, Virginia.  Last year's show was the last show Mancuso Show Management did in person.   This is the fourth one they have done on line so they are becoming 'old pros' but I am sure they can not wait to get back to physical venues!   The deadline for classes with kits has passed but you can still register for ones without--it you do it today!   Tomorrow we will be taping an interview and showing different things you can do with panels.  I am not sure when it will be aired but I do believe you will be able to see it for a while.   Be sure to attend and view the quilts and check out all the vendors.

If you know someone who is going to be married this will make a great gift. The Love Chapter from Corinthians on digitally printed fabric from Quilting Treasures.  There is also a 'sprig' print to coordinate.  

I received a bolt of this panel one Friday night in January.  A half hour after posting it online it was gone and I had orders for another bolt and a half.    The tracking tells me it will  be in on Wednesday the 17th--we will see.  Hopefully the UPS truck isn't stuck in the snow somewhere.  If you are interested in a panel be sure to check quickly, although I can't believe it would sell as fast as the first.


We are also receiving a new supply of the Book Shelf Library of Rarities from Robert Kaufman.

After receiving this panel the sound track from the Lion King keeps running through my head.  I remember the littlest junior partner used to sing "I Just Can't Wait to be King".  We were at a show in Southeast PA and someone asked me her birthday and when I responded the questioner stated, "Yes, she really means that!"

Also from David Textiles is Wildflower Garden.   That red truck has gotten out of the snow drifts and into the Summer Flower Fields.


Be sure to check out the  Mid-Atlantic Online Show and if you are in Atlanta, GA or Lakeland, FL stop by the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo.    Hope to see you at one of these shows, if not in person then online.


Happy Quilting,