September 24, 2020 @ 3:31 PM

I am so excited!  A week from today we will be vending at our second show of the year.   It will be different with no classes and limited crowd but it will be so good to get back.     If you have a chance please stop by and see us in Fredericksburg, VA, October 1 through 3.  



October will bring us the third of the QuiltFest Online Quilt Shows.   If you participated in one of the first two you know how much fun it was, if you did not, be sure to check this one out.   I will try to remind you closer to the show date but check out the web site now to register for classes.   I know you have to register rather early if there is a kit required for your chosen class so don't delay--as they say on TV.  You might miss out on the 'ginzu knife'.  But you don't have to wait to visit the rest of my website.


This past week my nephew wanted to take a trip to Iowa to see  Farmall Land museum--it is closing permanently on Wednesday.    He could have gone alone but knew I would drive so he could ride 'shot-gun'.  After finding out how few times I stop once I get on the road he may have reconsidered his request but we made it.   Of course I found a mini-quilt show on the walls.   You can check out all the pictures I took of the quilts on my facebook page.  Besides the quilts I discovered this really cool sewing machine--although I am sure I wouldn't be able to do this to a machine.



This is just one of an assortment of quilts hanging around the museum.   


We took the 'blue routes' out and saw some really nice country but on the way home it was the interstates--ones that let me avoid Chicago.  As a result we were very close to the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum.  A good side trip.    This of course is one of Wilbur and Orville Wright's bicycles but wouldn't the chain mechanism be a great quilting design?   We pretty much saw all of aviation through World War II but it was late so another trip will be called for to see the war I remember.


Upon our return we discovered a box of new fabrics!  This Train print is called Autumn Steam and is from 3 Wishes.  There is the large panel shown as well as a panel of four smaller pictures, one of which is the one shown, and a charcoal print with etchings of engines and cars.  They are all on one product page.   This print really makes you want to take a train ride through Vermont or New Hampshire. 

Another new panel is the 'On the Farm' also from 3 Wishes.  This is a small company that works with Jaftex.  They are just starting out but have some really great prints.  There is also a coordinate to go with the panel and as with the Autumn Steam they are all shown on the same page.  

We do hope you get to go to a show this fall and hopefully I will see you in Fredericksburg.  If not, don't forget to join us on line in October at Quiltfest on line.

Happy Quilting and Hope to see you all soon.