July 24, 2020 @ 1:56 AM

It is a good think I am not a writer--I'd be starving as I can't think of anything to say to start this post so let's just start!  Be prepared it looks like we are celebrating Christmas in July.



A great panel from Northcott   Christmas Wish.  There is a plaid that coordinates with this panel.  



Calling All Nurses is back in stock including both colors of the Heart Beat print.  



Also from Northcott are some fun Christmas prints called Farmhouse Christmas.



Comfort and Joy from Windham  Has a couple great coordinates including the stripe used on the side borders.  



Our last posting had a group from Robert Kaufman called Winter's Grandeur.   Here is a quilt top using the Ornament panel, the plaid, and a couple Fusions.   The alternating blocks are 2" finished squares in a five by five block.   Set them on point and fill in the edges with triangles and add some borders.  



Tuesday July 28 is the last day to register for workshops that need kits, otherwise you have until August 6 to register.  Be sure to take advantage of this online quilt show.  Entries for the competition are due by July 30.



Join us on Saturday August 1st at 1:00 for a Facebook Live.  A mini tour of the shop.


Happy Quilting!