June 21, 2020 @ 10:17 PM

This Thursday is the inaugural Mancuso Online Quilt Festival. 

If you have never gone to a show for whatever reason or have been missing them because of this mess, here is your chance to join in the fun.   For many classes it is too late to register, they needed time to send out kits, but you can still register for lectures and of course attend the free product demonstrations. Click on the image to get to all the information .

They have a line of fun things to do as well as a happy hour on Friday evening.   Be sure to check it out.

We only have had a few new bolts come in -- more scheduled for delivery next week.   


Vintage Christmas from Northcott.  Placemats and coordinating plaid and tractor and truck fabric.


If you have not checked out our patterns page here is one of our most popular patterns.  Made from scraps!  Autumn Leaves.



The junior of the Junior Partners decided our web page needed an update so when you visit it may look a bit different.  Hopefully it is easier to navigate.

Happy Quilting and Enjoy this new show.