June 29, 2020 @ 8:47 PM

For the first time in 40 years I am not dressed in a long skirt and bonnet this week.  I have often wondered how people celebrate the Fourth of July--And I probably won't find out this year!

I did realize yesterday that I have never seen the day lilies in full bloom as I was always at the Festival.



Even though we aren't participating in any show we still have some great fabrics arriving.   As always click on the picture to arrive on the catalog page.   The first one is 'In the Beginning' from Quilting Treasures.   A beautiful Panel and Starry Night coordinate in four colors.


In a couple days we will be on the downhill side of 2020, less than six months until Christmas.   This Vintage Santa panel is a reprint from an old VIP applique panel from the 80's.   I remember having it at the Festival.   It is done in squares and the borders are now gold accented, The original panel had no metallic accents and was printed so it could be cut and stitched on to a sweatshirt.  I believe you could do that with these as well.


New from Terry Redlin is Evening Frost, a panel, a diamond print, and  two tone on tone prints.  Great gold accents on a deep teal picture.




Also from Benartex is Festive Chickadees.  A panel, Chickadees on Holly and a holly Print.




I will continue my week of being totally disoriented, maybe I should get that quilt and sit outside and quilt--just need to find a tent!  You all have a great holiday!