May 21, 2020 @ 2:01 PM


When one of the junior partners turned 3, her birthday is May 14, she woke up and immediately started crying.  As you can imagine I was totally confused--she was so excited it was going to be her birthday and now on the day she is crying.  We had a really hard frost the night before and everything was white.  Her reason for crying?  Between sobs she explained her birthday was in the spring and it isn't spring because everything is white!    I understood completely when I saw all the snow covering my violets last week.  Like the violets she soon recovered and had a great day.

A few weeks back we did a facebook live on making a folded star and I promised to have a tote finished.   You know how it is when you are interrupted during a project--the real reason for so many UFO's.   But finally at least the tote is finished..  The paw print fabric used in it has been a real hit for masks and surgical caps.   Now I need to use the rest of those stars.  


We have been receiving some really great fabrics, unfortunately doesn't look like we will be at any shows for the foreseeable future.   However two companies are having Online shows. Mancuso Promoters the company that has the show in Hampton, Virginia, has its show scheduled for the last week in June. Be sure to check their web site and register.

The Original Sewing and Quilt Expo have also prepared an online visit.    Be sure to check out both of these events.   

Because we have received many new lines only one of each is posted here but there are coordinates for almost all..


First is the Joy of Spring from Nothcott.  There is a large panel as pictured, a panel of blocks and an all over print with the birds on dogwood flowers.  


Also from Northcott is a View from here, which for some reason facebook told me it didn't meet their requirements of items to sell.   I have long given up trying to decide what their AI is up to. 



I know we had snow last week so I guess receiving Christmas fabric isn't out of line.   This line is from Studio e and has a stripe and great music print coordinate.   My Mom would have loved this--we were never sure if she took the phase 'Red up the house' literally. (Those outside of Western PA probably won't understand that phrase).  The Red in this is a great match for the Robert Kaufman Fusions 4070 in Ruby.



From Quilting Treasures we have Harvest Elegance.  A panel that looks like it has metallic accents but doesn't, just a beautiful  print.  There are also coordinates for this one.  Ferns and Sunflowers.



This weekend is of course the unofficial start of summer so here's hoping you can make it to the shore soon.  We received the Sea Turtle Panel as well as a Dolphin panel and a sea life coordinate.  



Quilting Trasures also has  a Spring Songbird panel called Songbirds.  It also has a block coordinate, birds on Lilacs, and Lilac flowers in three colors.  The colors on this group are just outstanding.  It is hard to make the picture give them justice.



Noirthcott also has a great Morning Glory Shimmer Collection with Morning Glories and Hummingbirds.  Coordinates for this are a print of just Morning Glories, just hummingbirds or a combination of both.  This collection is accented with gold metallic..



Finally we have Steam Punk.  A collection from Dan Morris for Quilting Treasures.  We have a panel, a stripe, and some tossed creatures.  


We received many more prints but it is hard to post them all.  Be sure to check out our fabric pages until we can meet again n person.  Hopefully it won't be long before we get our constitutional rights restored.

Sometime soon, when I my nephew camera man and I both can agree on a time we will have another facebook live.   This one will have projects we have made using panels.  


Happy Quilting.