April 14, 2020 @ 2:47 PM

One Month of House Arrest down, hopefully just a few more weeks to go.   I have been cleaning out some papers and found this game my Mom had in her folders.    There are seventeen notions hidden on her dress, the first person who sends me the correct answers to all seventeen will receive a $10 gift certificate and the next four correct entries $5 each.   Answers may be submitted on our 'Contact us' page.



This Placemat panel will brighten up you kitchen when working over a cup of coffee.

Wilmington Prints Coffee Time Line.   



The Throw/wall hanging uses two panels and Block Party Studio Coffee Time Panel.  



The stripe makes a great border or valance.



Since we used the cream ground panels for the wall hanging that left us with some black ground ones.  A walker bag appeared with part of the remainder.



Somehow it doesn't seem quit right but our Christmas fabric is beginning to trickle in.  One of the first panels.   I can see this with a shades of gray border and just a touch of red.



A week or so ago a print from Timeless Treasures arrived from a line called 'Fall y'all'.    This week we received a panel from Blank, the line is not called Fall y'all but notice the saying on the panel.  Sometimes I wonder if there is some spying going on in the fabric industry!



Yesterday I noticed the violets were in bloom, soon it will be grass mowing time and hopefully back to the Land of Freedom.



Happy Quilting,