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March 30, 2020 @ 9:50 PM

I have to say these are really the ramblings of a 'mad' quilter!   I saw a MEME a few days ago,  "I always said I never had time to clean, now I know that wasn't the reason".    As my travels have come to an abrupt stop I realize there is now time to change that kitchen light, trim the forsythia,  and finish that quilt.   But, I am sure you all know ...     And to add to the misery we learned Kenny Rogers died last week.   I used to have a pair of jeans with a rose embroidered on the back pocket with the words 'Lady' and Kenny Rogers grommets. 

We have received some new fabrics, Three new book panels from Henry Glass.  These make great baby gifts--when we ............

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March 12, 2020 @ 12:23 AM

One week from today we will be setting up at the Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival.   A great festival that encompasses all types of needlework in a great clean location.  Stop by to see us in the Duquesne Room.   Well, I guess not, it has been postponed.


As my passport had only one stamp the junior partners decided I needed more before it expired so they set up a trip to Portugal.  A quilter's dream vacation.  The buildings were covered with tiles and even the walkways had quilt designs in tiles.   Sorry the first one is sideways but for some reason this web page thinks that is the proper orientation.  Just another of its quirks.


This would make a great retreat city.  Be ............

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