February 8, 2020 @ 7:41 PM

Phil has not been scared back into his burrow by his shadow so we are eagerly awaiting that 10 degree spring.  We are all excited the Frosted Wheat Crop is ready.  Just in case our friendly groundhog isn't entirely correct we have a few places for you to visit in the next few weeks while waiting for warmer weather and a new  old tradition to take part in.

I hope you all took part in the Hari-Kuyo today.  The Ritual of Broken Needles.   I heard about this while listening to this really unique radio station out of New Jersey.  (Crass Commercial here)  I found them while traveling to a show and have listened to them on the internet ever since.   If you want a great station, tune in WDVRfm.org .It ............

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