October 22, 2020 @ 8:31 PM

I wanted to show you a picture of my rhododendron, certainly not in full bloom, but currently with two blossoms.   I am used to the forsythia and violets being confused but this is the first time for the rhododendron.  For some reason this program will only upload it sideways, if having rhododendron flowers in late October isn't strange enough, looking at them sideways is too strange.    I am never sure how this website is going to post pictures.  Makes life interesting.

So we will start with some great prints from Northcott.  This is 'The View from Here - Mountain Vista'.  

I used the same design as the fall forest panel we had last month.    I didn't list the pattern on our patterns page but if you buy the panel I can send it to you.  

Also from Northcott is their Country Home panel.   From the leaves it is an early fall timeframe.   Great looking Holsteins.   After helping my brother chase some Jerseys I now understand why Dad liked the Black and White ones!


Michael Miller has a new line called Born to Sew.   There are three panels, one of which is shown here, and we have six blenders from the line.   The colors of the blenders are perfect for fall.   Goldenrod, Steel Blue, Bittersweet just to name a few.  


Goldenrod, Desert Sand, Olive Green, Bittersweet, Steel Blue, and Mauvelous  (Crayola Crayon Colors).   The print looks a bit like open scissors or small jax.

Robert Kaufman also has some great new prints, among them is 'One the Road'.     Any day now we should be getting in more of the Library of Rarities Book shelves and Pokemon fabric.   Of course it was due a few months ago but I can always hope!!


Next month we will be traveling to Lakeland, Florida for the Original Sewing and Quilt Festival.    Again there are no classes at the show but plenty of shopping and quilts.   I believe they are still having classes on Zoom so check out their web site.    Please stop to see us November 19, 20, or 21, in Lakeland.   Those who attended the show in Fredericksburg, VA had a great time. 

Happy Quilting and be sure to carve a great pumpkin!