October 9, 2020 @ 1:57 PM

The Junior partners will testify to my desire to have pictures of every cannon every produced--What they haven't figured out is, 'why?' and I can't tell them as I have no idea!  Knowing this it is only natural when passing Chancellorsville Battlefield on my drives to the Original Sewing Expo in Fredericksburg, VA, I had to stop!  I do hope that those of you that got to attend enjoyed your day.  Hopefully next year will be more normal with classes and the fashion shows.  I missed the Saturday Cosplay participants.

I haven't seen many prints with Cannons on them but then again maybe they wouldn't be a big seller.


Upon my arrival home, traveling at the breakneck speed of 0mph, there were some great new prints awaiting me.  (No, the truck didn't break down, it just didn't want me to know how fast I was going.    I was not stopped but if I had been I could have honestly answered the question, "Do you know how fast you were going?", with a No!)

First up is Thomas Kinkade's Coastal Haven from Benartex, Three six-inch square pictures each represented five times on the panel.      

While at the show an attendee asked if I had any music panels, at the time I had one panel--not one print, one panel, so I was very happy to receive this one, Musical Gift,  from Wilmington Prints.    I can't wait to use it with the natural colored Music panel from Block party Studios.   You can find three coordinating prints on our Music page as well as an 108" musical backing.

Benartex has a new line called "The Land That I Love"   We have three of their prints.  Each panel has multiple pictures in different sizes.   This one is "American Barns"  

On the Rails, shown, and Field of Horses.

Also from Wilmington Prints is Harlequin Poppies.  A great panel of four large poppies  and two sidebars of butterflies.

Finally we received two sewing panels.   Words to Quilt by from Contempo.  Both of these panels are 'continuous' as they do not have separations between repeats or parts of the panel but they do have enough room for a 1/4" seam without losing any printed letters.   

Now that I have all these new prints my 'list of things to do' has grown exponentially.  Fortunately I mowed the grass yesterday--hopefully for the last time--and I don't rake leaves, the wind will move those for me.  However I may have to rake up the acorns,  (My sister will testify to the meanness of walking on ground completely covered with those round devils!), so I shouldd have some time to work on making that list a bit shorter. 

Next month there is a real possibility of a show in Lakeland, Florida.  So far it is a go so I hope to see some of you there.

For now, Happy Quilting!