February 26, 2019 @ 2:21 PM

Two months in a row!   I may get this blog thing down yet.  

Last month I posted a picture of Blank Quilting's Pappilon that we received.  This month the picture of a throw using the panel and coordinates   The picture is linked to the panel.  



We received two panels from Windham, one for 'Crazy Cat Ladies' (of which my daughter says she is one).  Click on the pictures to go to the panel page for description.  


and one for 'Man's Best Friend    (Makes me miss my puppy)


Using two of the pictures from the puppy panel and the dog bone fabric from Wilmington Prints we have:  




Any Tote pattern will work, just line the panel and place it over the front and back for an outside pocket.

The truck is packed and in a few hours I will be on my way to Hampton, Virginia for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show.   I like to leave so that my arrival and  passage through DC occurs around midnight!  Looks like the temps are supposed to go down, as they did the last time I left town.   When I mentioned that to my brother he was deep in thought probably trying to decide if getting rid of me for a few days was worth the cold weather!

Please, if you can, stop by at our booth.

One final update on THON.  The students at Penn State raised more than Ten Million dollars for juvenile cancer treatment and research   Great work!   $10,621,683.76 putting the 40+ year total at over $157 million.  94% of which goes to treatment and research.

Hoping you all have electricity after the days of really stormy weather.

See you in Hampton!