December 17, 2019 @ 8:01 PM

Merry Christmas!

May your New Year be 'Pieceful'


I can not believe it is almost 2020.  Doesn't it seem just last year we were all talking about Y2K!

For the new year we have some new things happening.  One new and one re-visited.

First the re-visited.  In January we will be participating in the FabShopHop.  You would all do me a big favor if you would go to the home page and check to be sure that by clicking on the 'bunny' it will take you to the registration page for the link.   If you find the 'Found it Bunny' that link hopefully works as well but I don't think it is operational until January 1.  Thanks for your help.  If you click on this bunny it should take you to the home page.


For the New- We want to have a mystery quilt, hopefully by January 1.   The pattern is done but, in a bit of disorganization I got a new computer and don't have both the office suite and the pdf program installed just yet so we are on hold until I get that sorted out.   Right now I would be happy to be able to 'insert text' without erasing everything.   This is like a grocery store, just when you figure out where everything is....

Watch for the announcement that the mystery is ready to go.  My plans are to send instructions every hour and the cost will be $5


My Mom collected quilt books and she has more than I will ever use as well as some duplicates of what I have so I intend to have a page listing the available titles and authors.  Hopefully this will be on the web site soon-or they will swallow me up one night! but in the meantime if you are looking for a title send me a message on the contact page and I will see if I have it.   The titles are from the 80's through the early 2000's.   There are also a great number of quilt magazines from those years as well.


Now for some of the fabrics we have recently received.  

This is Amethyst Magic from Wilmington Prints.  I can see a duffle bag from this that will make you forget you ever heard of V---B-----.    Combine it with the dry Brush Essentials and you will have a very stunning bag.  




Also from Wilmington Prints is Botanical Oasis, which I can also see in a great bag.  I guess I need to get to work!

This would look great paired with the Monotone Succulents from the same collection.



Studio e has a really cute owl collection called Epic Owls.   This panel is so adorable.  We also have quite a few coordinates for this collection.



One of my favorite new panels is from Quilting Treasures.  The Lord is my Shepard.  The colors are so stunning.



Dan Morris has a new collection also from Quilting Treasures called 'Easy Rider'.   This also has a Tossed Motorcycle coordinate as well as flames and motorcycle tire treads.



Windham has a new 'Stitch in Time' line   It has a great '50's look.   


I could go on with so many more of our new fabrics but that would prevent you from having the fun of making your own discovery.

Have a very Merry Christmas and we will 'chat' in the new year.