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October 26, 2015 @ 9:03 PM

The Mutton Hill Quilt Show in Akron, Ohio last week was a great show.  If you missed it this year be sure to put it on your calendar for next year.  My puppy was so excited I could come home every night after the show.   He just wants me to cook his breakfast in the morning!    

The drive was an easy one almost all interstate but it did give me some time to think about new Christmas projects.   One of the ones I came up with was a tree skirt using the 'stack 'n whack' technique.  Well we cut them separately but the outcome is the same.   Using my 60° ruler and a straight edge we cut large equilateral triangles from a striped fabric.


Using this method eliminates the ............

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October 15, 2015 @ 2:09 PM

In just five weeks we will complete the last of our quilt shows for the year—this means I will be at the shop Wednesday through Saturday, much to the dismay of our puppy (although he is getting better and will actually get out of the truck now when we arrive). 

Maybe that will allow me to get rid of this cold I picked up while doing a half marathon walk in Manassas Battlefield National Park.  Should have watched the weather forecast and realized the last half would be in the rain!

When thinking about the end of the shows for the year I also realize inventory time is fast approaching—wow do I hate that!  Because we have just a fat quarter of some fabric or maybe a yard or two we want to hopefully make it ............

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