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December 24, 2014 @ 9:30 PM

Christmas Eve and I realize if I don't wish you all a Merry Christmas it will be too late.   I guess I missed Hanukkah but I do hope you had a great eight days of lights.

We have been busily cutting fabric to take to our first show of 2015--West Palm Beach, Florida.  I thik the junior partners just want to go so they can bask in the sun.   Today I actually saw a ball of light in the sky but it had disappeared before I could take a picture of it and determine if it really was the sun.   This has happened for way too many days in a row.

There is a great Hummingbird panel from Elizabeth's Studios.  This wall hanging is from our starlight pattern, which doesn't seem to be on line--another thing to add to ............

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December 2, 2014 @ 9:21 PM

Can we believe it already December?  The month when we start to look at that pile of UFO’s from the year before and realize they will once again go on the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ list. 

This is also the month I get daily emails from the Food Network (as well as numerous other annoying companies).   These are good emails, the 12 days of cookies.


We find them very interesting and have even made a few.


 December is 'Write to a Friend' month so our note cards are the product of the month.  Buy 4 and get a 5th free.  Because I do not have a clue if it is even possible with this web ............

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