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November 26, 2014 @ 11:41 PM

We do hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving Day.    

Today is also 'Pins and Needles Day', which I take to mean you are to use pins and needles, not be on 'Pins and Needles' because you have to spend the day with some crazy relative.  We don't have that problem as all of us seem to be a bit certifiable.  

A quick project to keep the kids busy after dinner is the following Christmas Ornament.

Use about 18" of very thin wire.  Thread 1/2" squares of wool and buttons on the wire.   3 or 4 squares of wool, 2 buttons, 3 or 4 squares of wool, 2 buttons, etc.  Twist wire into a wreath and let the remainder be used for a hanger.


My plans for today include finishing a ............

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November 17, 2014 @ 11:59 PM

Welcome to winter!  Yesterday it snowed all day so after some cleaning it was a day at the sewing machine.  If this keeps up I may finish all those UFOs--well, maybe if it keeps up for another 20 years!

We have received some fabric called 'Chalk Board' that has panels with words of wisdom.  

We cut these apart and with the help of some stitchwitchery made a few pictures.

I want to make a tote with the remaining but have been trying to determine a pattern I would like to use--this has been going on for a week so I better make up my mind soon.

In keeping with the inspirational fabric we also got in some of the new Peanuts line:  Tips from the Gang.

This has a book panel 

and an overall print


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