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Inventory Reduction Sale

Oct 18, 2017

Inventory Reduction

With only one show left I suddenly realized I had to count all this fabric for the year-end inventory—never a job I liked and try to avoid at all costs. While driving home from the last show the thought of an inventory clearance sale became quite appealing.
Even though I am quite exhausted from traveling and looking forward to staying home I realize that isn’t the case; there is the mass murder of a bunch of turkeys, a wedding, Thanksgiving, and the junior partners are sure I need to go to a Penn State game! Keeping all those dates in mind I think the two weeks I have chosen are November 13 through 18 and November 27 through December 2. I promise to be there from noon to 4 p.m. You will not have to call if you wish to stop by on any of those days –if you want to come earlier or later in the day just call I can come in early or stay later.
Backing Fabrics are $10 per yard—this includes the 108” wide and 60” wide flannel.
All other fabrics are $9 per yard.
The 23” panels will be $7 instead of $8.95 and the yard panels are $9 instead of $11.
Digitally printed panels that are usually $11 will be $9 and the ones that are $12 and $14 will be $10.
If you order on our web site, the price will not be calculated correctly. Before I process your card I will send you an email with the total—because of the price shipping will be extra, I will give you the total via email before processing payment. If you use paypal I can refund the difference.

I have to confess I am not as good at putting fabrics on my web site as I am keeping the Wilson’s Calico Corner facebook page up to date. If you wish to order on line check there as well for a wider selection.

Hope to hear from you!

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