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Happy Autumn!

Sep 30, 2016

As you may have guessed writing this blog is NOT my forte. It isn’t that I don’t have anything to say—that could be true—but there are so many other things that seem to take up my time.
I realize I haven’t posted anything since February, not sure where the time goes. I have seen many of you at the shows and it was great to talk to you.
In May the junior partners and I got together in LA to celebrate the closing of the first quarter century for the oldest. That was an exciting trip and within days of our return we were at another show.
August brought a trip to Alaska to visit the oldest again—hey if she is in Alaska for a few months I should visit!
Between all that traveling I have managed to make a few items, mostly table runners and other items from our ‘generic’ Penn State paw print fabric. One of the table runners I did make in autumn and Christmas colors as well. Both patterns are downloadable and really pretty quick to complete.
As usual I have ordered way too much fabric, those darn salesmen twist my arm! There is a great set of panels from Northcott and some beautiful fabric from Blank Quilting. And of course a really colorful group of alphabet fabrics from Studio e.
I is very important that I get this one out now as next weekend is a big weekend around the Volant area. Not only is the church across the street having a rummage sale but the town is having a pumpkin festival and my nephews may have some pumpkins to sell. On Saturday the Apple Castle, just a few miles away, is having its annual Fall Festival. I know it isn’t part of the store but I went to school with the owner and it is a great festival. Make a weekend of it and visit the Apple Castle, the church rummage sale, and of course our store. We aren’t normally open on Sunday but if you are interested in coming them just let me know and I will be there.

We have just two show in October, the weekend of the 15th in Greenville, Ohio, and the next weekend in Akron for the Summit Hill Historical Society show. Both are great shows, stop by if you can.
With just those two shows completed it will mean I will be at home and available to be at the shop. Be sure to call or send an email so I can greet you at the store.
Come visit the festivals, we will be waiting!

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