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Does anyone really know what season it is?

May 17, 2015

Ok, we in Pennsylvania are used to having to wear three seasons worth of clothing in one day but 30° to 95° in one day, really?!? Takes twice as long to wash clothes because of all the necessary outfits—less time for quilting!
Last Saturday was graduation day for the youngest ‘partner’
Graduation for the oldest ‘junior partner’ was in April
And between was the Steel City Marathon and a personal record.

Remember when they were so little and taking naps under the display tables at the shows. Wasn’t that just last year? They are both on their way to new adventures. How did they get so old when we didn’t age any?

It has a busy 3 weeks but we have been receiving some great fabric:
Lacrosse: http://www.wilsonscalico.com/catalog/item/8863275/10172162.htm
Softball: http://www.wilsonscalico.com/catalog/item/8863275/10172161.htm
As well as Volleyball, Baseball, and Basketball. http://www.wilsonscalico.com/fabric-sports.html
We also have received some Autumn fabrics with metallic accents. These are not yet on our web site but you can see them on the Wilson’s Calico facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wilsons-Calico-Corner/228777461016?ref=hl

The Medical fabrics from Windham have been reprinted and are also in stock, A heart monitor print, http://www.wilsonscalico.com/catalog/item/1960156/10170917.htm
a stethoscope,http://www.wilsonscalico.citymax.com/catalog/item/1960156/10170911.htm
and nurse sayings. http://www.wilsonscalico.citymax.com/catalog/item/1960156/10170914.htm

During all this I have been trying to complete some projects. After making a Georgia Tech bag for my cousin I decided I needed to do one for Penn State.

No the pattern isn’t completed and neither are the patterns for the two beautiful bird/housing boom quilts but they are at least on ‘the list of things to do’.

Enjoy the summer and be sure to stop by the booth at the Kutztown Folk Festival. Remember if you go to their web site www.kutztownfestival.com you can download discount coupons

Because I can't put the pictures on this newsletter I have provided you with the links, but those have to be copied and pasted. This can be viewed on our web site at the Blog page http://www.wilsonscalico.citymax.com/mad-quilter-ramblings.html