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A Break in the Action

Apr 2, 2015

February ended with our trip to Mid-Atlantic Quilt show in Hampton, Virginia—where it snowed. Then we traveled to the Quilt Fest of New Jersey—where it snowed. On to the Baltimore Heritage Quilt Guild Show—where it rained (step in the right direction). Next to Homemaker’s Quilt Guild in Collegeville, PA—where it snowed. Finally to Cleveland, Ohio and the Original Quilt and Sewing Expo—where, keeping up the pattern, it snowed. Know any ski resorts that may need my ‘snow making’ services?
   Hampton, Virginia
                     Williamsburg, VA
2 days after the Mid Atlantic show and still there is snow!
After five weeks on the road we are back home regrouping, cutting more fabric, and making samples. (All designed to will you to part with your cash!)

Table runner from Pansy panels

Medici from Northcott:

We also have received some great ‘geek’ fabric from Robert Kaufman

And From Benartex

And some Law fabric also frm Benartex

There are many projects ‘tumbling’ around in my brain but the yard is calling to be cleaned and it is time I finish quilting the junior partner’s quilt.
Enjoy the spring—if it ever arrives and have a very happy Easter.

Two more things:
If you were in New Jersey at my booth looking for red, white, and blue fabric I found the pattern you were going to use. This was for a very unique project so if you can tell me the project I will send your pattern. If you are from New Jersey could you ask around to see if anyone you know lost the pattern.
Second, If you purchased a ‘Raggedy Bear’ pattern from me in the past few weeks could you check to see if you have all the pages. We discovered the last set of patterns had two of one page but not the last page. Email me and I can send you a pdf of the missing page.

Again, if you wish to see the pictures that accompany this please check out our blog.