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Rummage Sale May 17

Apr 14, 2014

Yearsssss ago when I closed my fashion fabrics retail store I kept much fabric and many notions because 'I will use this someday'. Well, someday is long past and it is time for me to stop moving these boxes of fabric! (Besides everyone I have had help me move complains there is too much fabric--as if that is possible!) Saturday, May 17, we will be having a rummage sale. There are bolts of fabric-- gingham, plaids, wool blends, fake fur, quilted cottons... that have to go at 50 cents per yard. There are some calico cuts that will be $1.00 per yard and notions for 25 cents. Uncut clothing patterns will also be 25 cents while cut ones will be 10 cents each. Besides the fabric that hasn't been cut are pieces left from projects I have done over the last 40 years. These are going to be priced at $1.00 for all you can stuff in a bag.
Many of you know we have been selling fabrics at the Kutztown Folk Festival for the past 30 years and of course it always rains at least one day each year. It took me many years to configure the stand so the fabric would not get wet during these storms. While we were trying to get it right there were many pieces of fabric that met with disaster and are faded, or water stained, or marred by some other piece bleeding--including a large number of really nice flannel pieces. Of course it was my intentions to make a 'distressed quilt' but I have a feeling that isn't happening right away or in the next many years, so those pieces will be in with the 'fill a bag' section.

So stop by our store on May 17 and see what bargains you can find.

Set your GPS for 1075 Main Street, Volant, PA 16156 and your clock for 10 am to 4 pm.
Bring your friends!!
We are right across from the church about three doors down from the winery.
See you then!