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New Year's Hunt

Dec 29, 2013

We have decided to start the New Year with a treasure hunt. Throughout the site I have hidden 12 pictures, each has a letter and the order for the letters to form a familiar phrase printed under the picture. The pictures are very distinctive as only one looks like it belongs on the site at all. Since there are 12 they are loosely associated with a month. Which should make the last one easier to find. Each picture is on a product page so you will have to click on the individual pages and then find the product with the picture. As a hint we will give you the first product.
Click on ‘Neat Gifts’ and then on the product ‘Things Quilters Really Think II’

When you find all 12 use the ‘Contact Us’ page and send the phrase and pages you found the clues. In keeping with the number 12 we will complete this hunt on the ‘12th Day of Christmas’ (January 5)
There are no big prizes for winning—just some gift certificates but hopefully you will have some fun doing this.

The first person to submit the correct phrase and letter locations will receive a $15 gift certificate, the next 5 will receive $10 gift certificates and everyone who submits a correct answer by January 5 will receive a $5 gift certificate.

Oh yes, if you were planning on a trip to the new store the first couple weeks of January, we will be closed January 3 through 14 to attend the West Palm Beach Quilt Show.

Good Luck and Happy New Year!

Marilyn, Melodie, and Mackenzie