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Opening at Last

Dec 9, 2013

After what seems years we have finally found a location to keep or fabric and have it displayed for sale. The house is in 'downtown Volant', PA. When you consider there must be all of 500 residents--if we count dogs--you can understand the quotes around downtown. If you are planning to stop by the address is 1075 Main Street (just about the only street in Volant). We plan on being open Wednesday through Friday from Noon to 6 and on Saturday 10 to 5. If your plans don't fit in that time frame give me a call--I will probably be there painting some of the other rooms anyway.
Finding the location was just the start of our fun. One day I went over to do some work but couldn't put up the shelves because they were too tall and I don't have a saw, I thought I would put the crib together I am using to display kids fabric but couldn't do that because my socket set was at home. Tried to put up a light kit on the fan I installed the day before--blew the wires right off of it! After making a trip to get the tools I put the key in the door and the lock came apart in my hand so took my nephew's advice and went through the garage door just to have it almost come off the runners. And when I went to work on the crib an leg fell off--Beginning to re-think this whole thing.

But it is all completed now, we need molding around the door and a light but finally we are on our way. Not a day too soon, we have received so many new bolts of fabric: Dan Morris has a line called 'Man of the house' and another 'Where the toys are'. Snoopy is going camping and also has a group called 'Hugs for Heroes'. Elizabeth Studios has a great butterfly panel and coordinate. There are so many I have had to divide the fabric page up so it does not take forever to load. Check them out there are some great prints!

While looking at some of Mom's old magazines for ideas for the kitchen I found a great idea for Christmas Dinner. Use small stocking for each place setting of flatware, napkin, and candy cane. Great for the kids,at a buffet- they can pick it all up at one time, or as a favor at each place setting.

For those of you in Florida or close by we will be at the Quilt Fest show in West Palm Beach the second week in January. Details on the show are at www.quiltfest.com . If you are in the area stop by and say Hi!

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the Holidays.