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Block of the Month almost completed

Apr 27, 2008


Suddenly it is time for all those good intentions of keeping my yard looking well kept this summer are here--unfortunately the desire to quilt is greater than the desire to mow grass.

In the next few days I should be able to post a picture of the Block of the month quilt, which until this point has been somewhat of a mystery. I shouldn't say this but after having half of it put together, it is going so well. Everything seems to fit together so well--when does that ever happen! The fifth block of this quilt is now on line and as usual some people who have been able to download previous ones can't download this one.

We now have the Wizard of Oz fabrics from Cranston in stock. Currently the home page of the web site has a totebag made from part of two panels. The totebag pictured is actually just one tote bag, brown with the Under the rainbow panel on one side and blue with the Over the rainbow panel on the other. Once I actually finish the Block of the Month quilt I have some more ideas for these panels.

I found this web site called www.etsy.com It is a web site to sell hand made items. The cost to list is minimal, I can't testify about the rate of sales but if you are looking for hand crafted items in every category from jewelry, plants, books, supplies, woodworking, and of course quilting and needlework, you might want to check it out!

Happy planting and hope to see you in late June/early July for the Kutztown Folk Festival. Don't forget to go to www.Kutztownfestival.com to download discount coupons.

Happy Quilting,