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February Block of the Month

Jan 31, 2008

It seems my computer hates me. I just finished typing this
newsletter and hit send when it told me an error had
occurred and all was lost. Don't you just love it!

We have the second block of our 'block of the month' ready
to be downloaded

I know that many of you have had trouble downloading the
block so we have three ways you can retrieve it. First of
course is just downloading the adobe file. That hasn't
been happening for me at my work computer or on my
daughter's computer. If you email me
marilyn@wilsonscalico.com I will send you a return email
with the pattern attached as a file. THe third way to to
go through the purchase process and use the code given BOMF
to reverse the charge. As I have to confirm the order it
will take as long as the email method. I hope you like the
block and good luck. As soon as I can get the local
computer geek to check this out we will hpefully have it

Our first quilt show will be in New Jersey the first
weekend of March. For more information visit
We are getting new items so be sure to watch the changes on
the web site.

We have new patterns on our stamped embroidery page. More
crib quilts, wall quilts, pillow case dolls, and lap quilts
in new designs.

Enjoy the brief periods of sunshine and Happy Quilting