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Things Quilter's Really Think 4

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This hand printed fabric panel has humorous thoughts of avid quilters printed in black on a natural background. (the picture is in red and natural but the blocks I have are black on natural.)  You may use these for blocks in a wall hanging or totebag.  I have been told of one quilt guild member who framed each of the blocks for a different member as a Christmas present.  The sayings include "Quilting...it's not a hobby it's a lifestyle",  "Fabric   Stampede today",  "The hand that guides the needle rules the world",  " I never met a fabric I didn't like",  "A quilter and her money are soon parted".  "If quilting were a crime I'd be doing time", and "Life simply.  Quilt".  There are 24 different 3 3/8" square blocks on each quarter.