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Quilt Tops for Sale

The Panels are all gone and the chances of me actually quilting these are slim to none--I am still working on the tops my Mom left for me to do.

The Sizes are listed along with the name of the panel so you can tell me in which you are interested.  I am not guaranteeing they are perfectly square but most have large enough borders to fix any problem.  They were made for samples and I no longer need them.

If you are interested in one please send me an email or text, contact me through the link here or call.

They are $75 each, which includes shipping.   There is only one of each.


Thank you!

These are both "The View from Here' from Northcott.   Forest Scene(53" by 44") above and Ocean Cliffs (48" by 45") below.   



Songbirds from Quilting Treasures 58" by 44".



Artisan Spirit from Northcott  57" by 47".


Fright Night from Blank Quilting  64" by 46".  This panel and the spider fabric glow in the dark.



These next four are quite old and have spent many years at the Kutztown Folk Festival and thus some have some bleeding from the rain that always occurs that week.   These four are $45 each and again that includes shipping.


This is a Concord Christmas Panel  42" square and I do not see any blemishes on it.


I believe this was a book panel from VIP   39" by 48"   The brown border has lost some of its color.   I hesitate to say faded as it is all the same color--maybe it just wasn't as dark as I thought!


I think this was from Michael Miller  43" by 42".  One of the red blocks bled a little onto the side of the 'X' block.   The colors are not a saturated as shown here.


This is Little Red Riding Hood I think from Marcus Brothers, but not real sure.  Stack n' Whack 52" square.