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National Make a Quilt Day

Apr 20, 2011

It seems Spring knew that Easter was arriving late so it did too. I'm still waiting for my spring widlflowers, guess I will have to be content with the floral fabrics we recently received. Michael Miller has some really nice florals; Texas Wildflowers, Roses and Peonies, and Cactus Flower to name a few. Check them out on our 'Fabrics' Page.
Also just in is a selection of figurines from Blossom Bucket, three are on our 'Neat Gifts' page with a few more to follow.
On our 'Wilson's Exclusive's' Page you can see some of the bookmarks we recently created, with matching notecards to follow.
If you are near Pottstown, PA next weekend stop by and see us at the Penn-Oaks Quilt Guild Show.

Once my fingers touch the threads,
Washing, dusting, unmade beds
Fade away to nothingness
And I, complete happiness,
Let my heart soar with masters past
The patches blend designs so fast
That time flies by and there I am
Peaceful, creative, contented, whole
Quilting becomes my very soul
(Author unknown)

Now, stop reading this newsletter and celebrate the day for not only if is my cousin's birthday it is National Make a Quilt Day! Go start/finish that quilt. Enjoy!