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Do we Have Cabin Fever Yet?

Feb 5, 2007

You would think being only 4 hours from Punxatawny Phil
that I would know if we are to have six more weeks of
winter or six weeks of 10 degree spring, but I don't. I
can tell you since he was rousted from his slumber the
weather has taken a decidedly cold turn. But then we are
only a week into February, what can we expect. It must
have been news as I awakened this morning to the national
radio news announcer telling me there is snow in Michigan
and Upper New York. Great
weather to grab a cup of tea and work on the latest quilt
project and enjoy what can only be a 'slow news day' if
that is all they can report.

For Christmas I received the neatest ornament. If you
check out the newsletter page I am going to attempt a
picture of it. It looks so easy to make, just cut 33 3/4"
squares of wool with pinking shears. Use 22 buttons and
thread them onto a thin wire about 7" long in the following
order: 2 buttons, 3 wool squares, 2 buttons, 3 wool
squares, etc until all buttons and wool squares are used.
Twist the ends of the wire together and form a circle. For
a hanger it looks like they used about a foot of wire
folded in half and wrapped around a pencil to make curls,
then twisted it onto the wire holding the buttons and wool.
Have fun with this little guy.

Our new product page is full of things we have just
received including electric candle warmers that will melt
scented wax melts without tea light candles. We also
just received a selection of miniature quilt signs and
resin necklaces in quilt designs. Because we are getting
ready for our first quilt show of the season we are getting
new products in every day--although it does take me longer
than that to get them on line.

Speaking of the first show, that would be in New Jersey
from March 1 through March 4. This show is the Quilt Fest
of New Jersey and is managed by the same people that
managed the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza that
used to be in Fort Washington but is now being held in
Harrisburg. If you missed that show try to make the New
Jersey show. You can pre-register and get more details at
www.quiltfest.com . If you attend the New Jersey show
stop by and see all our new products in person. And if you
mention you got this newsletter you will receive 10% off
your purchase.

For the month of February all of our exclusive patterns
regularly priced $9.00 or less will be on sale for $5.00.

Durning March we will be participating in a mall crawl,
watch the web site for details. I haven't received the
buttons yet but expect them real soon.

Keep warm, grab your cup of tea or mug of coffee and spend
some quality time with a new quilting project.

Happy Quilting,