June 27, 2022 @ 10:15 PM

After a two year forced hiatus the Kutztown Folk Festival is back!

I would say all of this fit into my pick up truck but that is really stretching the truth.  The difficulty now is trying to remember how to set it up--you would think I would be more organized after 40 years.  The weather forecast looks pretty good this year so if you have a chance please visit.  


I really like to watch classic movie and one scene common to many of them is the wind blowing the calendar pages to show passage of time--It seems that is what has happened this year, how did we get half the way through the year?

Riley Blake has a new group of Christmas panels including this one of the Christ Child in a manger.  The colors are rich saturated shades of brown and gold.  


Quilting Treasures has released a picture of 'The Good Shepard'.  Both of these panels are full yard panels with very small borders.


Studio e has Snow Dog Express panel and blocks to match.  This is also a one yard panel.


Another one yard panel is this sea turtle panel from David Textiles.   The colors her are also very saturated and a great shade of teal.  

This tote is one panel of Floral Fascination from Quilting Treasures folded in half.   Line it and add a zipper  if you wish or just add handles for a quick tote.

For the kitten lover in your home we have a panel from Wilmington Prints   Purrfect Partners.  This panel has been 'cat approved',  when I gave my daughter the tote her cat immediately claimed it for a bed.


Also from Wilmington Prints is School is Cool panel and coordinates.   Talk about time traveling fast, the school year just ended but back to school will be in the stores in a few weeks.

Happy Quilting!