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Our very small  'corporation' consists of three executives, Marilyn, Melodie, and Mackenzie.  Hence the 'corporation' name ~~  M cubed (3M was already spoken for.)

Actually only one of us has been selling fabric at the Kutztown Festival but they have been involved with the operation of our business from almost before they were born.  If you get one of them on the phone when you call or see them at a show be assured they can answer your questions quite easily.

Both the junior partners are out on their own.  After backpacking across Europe this past summer and making my hair turn totally grey by jumping off cliffs, camping in the desert, running with the bulls, and bungee jumping, Melodie has settled in as a traveling nurse--currently in California.  

The youngest member is working in the financial industry in Delaware, but alwaays looking for a new job. 


A much older Mom in NYC